Chalk Magazine April 2010 Cover

April few by so quickly! I haven't posted any of my published work from April and March! I'll start posting them this week when I get the layouts from the magazines :)

Anyway, here's my first cover EVER! They had booked me for the shoot a month before, but they didn't tell me I was going to shoot the cover until two days before the shoot! Haha! Thanks Chalk! Always a pleasure working with you guys!

Chalk Magazine April 2010 Cover featuring actor Coco Martin

I also did the Boys of Summer feature plus the main fashion editorial (which will be a whole nother blog post)!

FYI my first shooting assignment was for Chalk! :)


Wallet Diet

I was in the car waiting for a friend who was taking forever, and I thought I'd do something with the free time (which has been scarce as of late) and decided to clean up my exploding wallet. Exploding not cause of money, but cause of all the crap that's been there since... I don't even know. But the past few days I haven't been able to put it in my pcoket, I always leave it in my bag. It can't even be folded flat!

Anyway, take a look at all the shit that's inside:

SERIOUSLY. Some reciepts are already unreadable, just all black.

I also found around 10 business cards (not pictured) from all over the world, and...

SIX Metro Cards! One isn't shown, it's stuck behind the plastic part of the wallet. LOL

And my school IDs from last summer...

Check out the ICP ID, some ink from the reciepts have been printed on the ID! Oh, don't forget my fug face on the Parsons ID. Long story!

Now it can be folded flat...

Ahhh... The memories. Now back to work.


Hi From Boracay!

Hello! It's me and my favorite shirt... In a bathroom. Haha.

Asya Premier Suites is THE SHIT!!!! They gave me my own suite :) I feel like i'm on a holiday.

Crappy panoramic images...
Room (two beds, lol) | Bathroom (HUGE!) | View from the balcony (Ange and Trish got the villa with the best view! They're 2nd from the right)

Boracay Again + April Editorials + Cover

Second time in a month! LOL. This one's for another magazine. Leaving in a few minutes...

Be back Thursday!

I have a lot of editorials (Preview, Chalk, Garage and Metro Society) coming out this April, plus my first magazine cover!!! Oh, I also haven't posted the editorials that came out last month! I'll update you guys when I get the layouts! So excited!


My ~Chanel~ Loot

After a month I finally got my loot from Velvet for the Oscars Tribute Exhibit! Yaay!

"precious bronzing loose powder" and "cleansing oil gel - purity + anti pollution face and eyes" the words in the packaging made me chuckle idk why.

Thanks Velvet!


Thanks Izzy!

Wee, Izzy of TheDandyProject, mentioned me in an interview with I Like My Style :)

Thanks Izzy!

Ohhh and look what I found. A relic from 2008!!!


Ciege Cagalawan Spring/Summer 2010 Look Book

Here it is!

DOWNLOAD PDF FILE (Recommended). DOWNLOAD JPEG FILES. Feel free to repost ;)

Oh, btw, I just created a Bloglovin account!