Preview's Fashion Editor, Daryl Chang, goes blonde!!!



Fall Out Boy (GARAGE Magazine August/September 2010)

Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Rey Ilagan
Style Assistants: Adrianne Concepcion and Edlene Cabral
Grooming: Ruel Papa
Model: JC at Reco


Metro Celebrity Issue (GHEY EDITION)

A few days ago, Mike tagged me in this funny photo of his friends spoofing the August Cover of Metro:


Oh, and speaking of funny, this has got to be one of the best reaction videos I've ever seen! I'm sure you've seen it on facebook, youtube, or on TV! But I just thought I'd post it here for memory's sake!

I actually know the three gheys in front, Martin, Veejay, and Aleq! They're super funny in real life :) Thank you so much for making us happy amidst all the chaos that happened in the past few days!


MAD MEN (Metro Society August 2010)

Something a little bit different from what I usually do with the Metro Society Gang :)

Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Rex Atienza
Grooming: Mickey See
Models: Ry Christopher and Peter Nordell


Ana Sideco TV!

Lookie! My friend Ana has an online show! She's so cute! Here's the first installment:

In the episode linked below, they play "google roulette" (lol) and she goes over her photos from this blog, including my shoes, haha!

Looking forward to more episodes! I miss you!


Garage Girl Fall/Winter 2010 (Cover and Editorial)

Finally got to work with super cute Catriona once again :) Always a pleasure working with the Garage team—Rey, Adrianne, and Eds!



Three of the covers I did came out this month! Yay!

L-R Garage Girl, Chalk & Metro August 2010

(L-R) Carmen Soo, Erich Gonzales, Maricar Reyes, Shaina Magdayao, Kristine Hermosa, Kim Chiu, Bea Alonzo, Angelica Panganiban
My first gatefold cover (also my first for the magazine). It was definitely overwhelming. Celebrities are so intimidating.

Be sure to check out the 15-page cover story inside

Seeing my name alongside Mark Nicdao, one of my photography heroes, was unbelievable! I cant bilibit!

One of the photos I took for the cover story. Trivia: The cover and cover story took 3 days to complete! We started shooting May 20.

There's also an iPad version!

I saw it in Cheska's iPad a few days ago and it's amazing! Lots of great features. I also found out it's actually the first of it's kind here in the country :)

Download it HERE. It's FREE!
Spot me in the behind the scenes photos! Haha! 
I also did a Film Noir-inspired editorial in the issue:

That's all for now! :)


Something Super Cute...

...happening next week! I can't wait!

Photo: Bernice Tison

June 2010 Editorial Recap

I know it's already August, but I promise this will be the last of the June posts! Instead of posting all these editorials I thought I'd so something a little fun [and a LOT easier than scanning. Or waiting for the soft copies from editors, haha!]. Here they are, the June editorials in the tradition of The Happy Lab! Edrick, mahirap din pala! Haha!

Gender Bender (Metro Magazine)
Styled by Mela De Luna | Model Jessica @ IM | Makeup by Owen Sarmiento (MAC) | Hair by John Valle (L'Oreal Professionnel) | Fahion Assistant Rebekah De Jesus

Ageless Dressing (Metro Magazine)
Styled by Angela Alarcon | Creative Direction by Trisha Cua-Juico | Model Natalia Contreras @ Star | Make-up and Hair by Lourd Ramos | Hair Assistance by JR Abellar of Emphasis Salon

Party Wildly (Cosmopolitan Magazine)
Styled by Myrrh Lao To | Assisted by Dondee Sy and Arbie Ubaldo |Model Jasmine Maierhofer @ Mercator | Make-up by RB Chanco | Hair by Jeff Aromin
My first for Cosmo! Super fast shoot! Si Jasmine kasi double booking!!! Hahaha

Little Black Dress (Candy Magazine)
Styled by Margaux Romero and Sidney Yap | Set Styling Tricia Alvarez Angluben
My first for Candy, too! Hirap mag ilaw ng set!

Call of Duty (Mega Magazine)
Styled by Debbie Lupango | Make-up by Lilian Yeung | Hair by Jay Wee | Model Melanie @ Cal Carries

Full Editorials Posted: Apocalypto (Preview Magazine) and Atom Araullo (Rogue Magazine)

This is missing 2 editorials I did for Plant, which I still haven't seen till now! Paging James Gabrillo! LOL. Oh, and also a fashion editorial in Meg.

Now, time to move on to August!!!


Apocalypto (PREVIEW Magazine June 2010)

This was shot for Preview's 15h Anniversary Issue (I'm majorly backlogged, I'm still blogging about June work haha!), which I was super happy and thankful to be a part of! More drama later. lol.

Anyway, it was my first time working with then relatively new model, Pauline. She instantly became a favorite. She's a natural. For real. And I've even used that word to describe anyone before. She just has FASHION written all over her.
Definitely one of my favorite editorials so far.

Photographer: BJ Pascual
Stylied by: Daryl Chang
Art Direction by: Vince Uy
Make-up by: Archie Tolentino of Maybelline New York
Hair by: Lance Vasquez
Nails by: Leonaliza B. Hernandez of Nail Spa
Model: Pauline Prieto
Stylist's Assistant: Mandi Garcia
Shoot Assistatnts: Carie Aguila, Glorilyn Salvatierra

Wow, it's only been 5 years since I bought my first issue of Preview, which was their 10th Anniversay Spectacular (I still have the copy with me, complete with the Swarovski crystals on the cover!). It was the thickest local magazine i've held back then. all 10 cover stars had their own full-blown editorial inside the magazine. Back then it was the most fantastic thing I've ever seen on this little side of the world. A lot can happen in 5 years pala. Now, I'm actually shooting for them. Grabe. Thank you.



I was at a shoot the other day and while I was waiting for the make-up/hair to finish, I saw an issue of British Vogue (May 2009) on the table. I flipped through it and found an interesting feature called "My Inspiration" wherein several personalities from the fashion industry such as Grace Coddington, Paolo Roversi, Sophia Kokosalaki, Alexander Wang, among others, talk about photos that inspired them.  I thought I'd share mine, but before I do, here are a few images from the article, which are posted on the Vogue UK website:

Grace Coddington
Inspiration: Nena von Schlebr├╝gge by Claude Virgin, 1959
"I remember flicking back through Vogue and seeing the Vogue Model contest and thinking, ‘This is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.’ I found out later it was Uma Thurman’s mother, Nena von Schleebr├╝gge. It was that image that propelled me to enter the contest myself. I ended up winning. So it was through that picture that I started out as a model, and began my career in fashion.The picture by Vernier of me fishing [link] was my first shoot."  

Kate Phelan, Vogue fashion director
Inspiration: Talisa Soto by Bruce Weber, 1982
“The shoot that inspired me most was one by Weber in Vogue, and the story was a reference to the American photographer Edward Weston. This image of Talisa Soto and a male model called Bruce, I think, sitting in a boat, shot in black and white, is one of my favourites from the shoot.” 
Sophia Kokosalaki
Inspiration: Couture by Paolo Roversi, 1994
“When I first saw this, I thought, ‘I’m so going to London. Bye Greece!’ I still have the copy of Vogue in which the fashion story ran in my house in Athens. I just hadn’t seen this kind of editorial in Greek magazines, nor these kinds of clothes – it was a fantastical set of pictures. I think it was a quality of the lighting, a combination of the hair, the make-up, the styling and the environment that meant it was totally different to anything I’d seen before. I like dark, damaged romance; I’m not into pretty-pretty things, or pictures that draw too heavily on romance or history. But that shoot signified to me that fashion can make you dream; it can take you somewhere else. I liked the use of distressed materials, and in my first shows, I had a lot of tattered, destroyed and ripped tulle and organza. It wasn’t the same look as the shoot, but there was a similar feeling. Is the picture still as fantastic as it is in my imagination? I hope so.” 
Hamish Bowles
Inspiration: Tree Allen by Barry Lategan, 1977
“There were so many Vogue sittings that fired my adolescent dreams of fashion. They evoked a world of impossible glamour, and of lives gloriously and richly led, peopled by magically dressed and impossibly beautiful women and dashing men. I ached to be a part of that world. There were some ravishing Barry Lategan portfolios that Grace Coddington produced, in particular one of lace and chiffon Bill Gibb dresses shot against an old-fashioned photographer’s portrait-studio backdrop of painted palms. It evoked the atmosphere of a New Orleans bordello. I chose to write about that sitting when I entered Vogue’s talent contest, aged 14 (I received a special mention). I cringe to think of that now, but I suppose that set me on the path.”


These are just a few, the Vogue UK website has 10, but there are so much more in the magazine. Anyway, I thought I'd share mine. I'll save my favorite Penn and Roversi photos for later, for now I'll share something a bit more personal:

These photos of my grandmother. I found these when I was about 10 years, I was in 5th grade, in an antique fold-out desk. I remember thinking they're the best photos of my Wowa I've ever seen. She looked so beautiful, and that I really loved her dress. I wondered why they weren't framed. I showed my grandma, and asked her if she was used to be an actress or a model. She said no she wasn't, and asked where I found those photos. She said she hates these photos, that's why they werre kept away. I thought that was stupid, cause these are gorgeous!

 Years later, I was about 18, I ran out of birthday gift ideas, so I thought I'd make a pop art version of a photo of her (back then I was addicted to Andy Warhol), and suddenly remembered where these were kept. They were still there! I chose the one on the upper right. I didn't care if she didn't like the photos. She still hated the photos, but she was really happy with my gift. 

These photos pop up in my mind every now and then. It's one of the first photos that I remember really really loving. It's a portrait, but upon rereading two paragraphs above it could very well be my first recollection of a fashion photograph.

What photo inspired you?


Atom Araullo (ROGUE Magazine June 2010)

The moment I found out I was going to shoot for Rogue, I went nuts! I've been big fan of Rogue since the time I got my first issue, which was the Jasmine Maierhofer cover (December 2006/January 2007). Basta, I was suuuper excited!

Without further ado, here's the first assignment I shot for them, featuring journalist Atom Araullo. It's part feature, part fashion editorial. It's the first of that sort that I've done!

TRIVIA: (1) the instamatic Minolta camera (left) is mine, I got it from the Anonas ukay ukay, a about 3 years ago. (2) the vintage bicycle (right) is owned by fashion designer Ziggy Savella! It's the same one used in Garage Magazine's June/July 2010 Cover :)

Photographs by BJ Pascual
Styling by LA Consing Lopez
Art Direction by Miguel Lugtu
Grooming by Regie Escolin Soriano