High Roller (PREVIEW Magazine September 2010)

I was waiting for behind the scenes photos from my friend Judd (one of the production designers) but sadly he lost the files :(

Anyway, this editorial was very challenging. First, it's for Preview's September issue (pressure!) and, we wanted to do something of the same quality as our last editorial (Apocalypto); Second, it was the first time I was shooting for Preview without Creative Director/Genius Vince Uy's expert help on-set cause he was in London (believe me when I say that shoots are MUCH, MUCH easier with him); And lastly, we shot in the Resorts World Casino's Training Room and not the actual Casino. Meaning, we had a space that looked like every other boring office space you could think of. So I had to bring yards and yards of curtains from my studio (coincidentally I had brocade curtains so they're perfect for this Royalty-themed shoot, Thanks Cheska!) to conceal the office-y walls, and use my background stands to hold those curtains.

Thankfully it turned out nice and by the end of the day, we were really happy with it!!!

(For higher resolution images, check out my website at WWW.BJPASCUAL.COM)

Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Daryl Chang
Make-up by: Owen Sarmiento fo Mac Cosmetics
Hair by: Buern Rodriguez
Model: Jessica Yang of Mercator Model Management
Nails by: Florence Angeles of Nail Spa
Production Design by: Judd Figuerres & Samantha Lee
Shoot Assistants: Teresita Gabat, Carie Aguila, and Regisy Villarta


Anonymous said...

Wow! So pretty :O You are awesome :D

Hannah Bacalla said...

One of your best works! Keep inspiring ♥

Marvin Alejandro said...

*fashion orgasm* WOW!

victoria said...

oh, this is such a great shoot. x

Emily and Abigail said...

So many AMAZING things in this spread.. I think the most captivating is her hair.. I'm normally not a go-to hair kind of girl, but this is EPIC hair styling!! Now following your blog here and on bloglovin'