Michael Cinco Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign Part 1

Happy New Year Everyone!

We actually did TWO different campaigns for this season! More from this set, plus the ~other~ campaign coming soon (as soon as we get the go signal from Michael)!

Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Patrick Galang
Make-up by: Jake Galvez
Hair by: Ella
Model: Alisa Sozanova @ Elite


Meet Moby!

Found this months-old photo of our new dog, Moby, floating around my harddrive. Thought I'd share it with you guys. He's our newest dog. He has ADHD like me.


Creative IT List 2011

I was so sad when I found out that there wasn't going to be a Creative IT List last year. It has always been a dream of mine and I thought that dream would never come true, so I was so glad when I found out I was going to be on the list, and of course glad that the list is back!!!! So honored to be included in the same list with some amazing people (Olivia D'Aboville, Tammy David, Dan Matutina, Sam Kiyoumarsi, etc)

Huge thanks to Kissa Castaneda, Erwin Romulo, and of course Anna Canlas for the write-up! You  know me too well. Haha. 

When you're trying to book BJ Pascual for a shoot, you might want to make some allowances for the time difference. If he's not in Manila, he's in New York (guerilla site for BJ's pioneering "playttime" shoots with model pal Ana Sicdeco, see also: training ground, hoe to Parsons, F.I.T., and the International Center for Photography--all institutions of the fashion photographer's expert instruction). If he's not in New York, he's in Hong Kong... his cosmic home, Korea... and any one of several regional locatitons. Or, lying face-down, in his regulation T by A.Wang wifebeaters, in what might just be one of the most fully booked calendars of editorial shoots around the conutry. Look at a photo with quiet intensity--with studied yet at-once organic lighting--and instantly, you're moved to ID it as a BJ Pascual photo. Prograssive and fashion-crazy, BJ's got his own ideas about local fashion photography. Which is why we hae him on speed dia, if only he could pick up faster...
--Anna Canlas
Thanks again, Preview!  This wraps up the many reasons why their October issue is super special to me  :)


Showbiz's Next Stars in Louis Vuitton - PREVIEW October 2011 Cover

Preview's October 2011 issue is very special to me. Two of my long-time dreams came true. First, because it's my frist PREVIEW cover. I has been my dream, from the first time I bought a copy of the magazine, to do a cover for them. It has been one of my biggest goals as a photographer ever since. The second dream, another long-time dream, is that they included me in 2011's Creative It List(!!!) It also contains one of my favorite editorials, with my favorite girls (click here to see UNCUT VERSION)! BIG BIG THANKS TO THE PREVIEW TEAM!

@edrick02 as requested, eto yung Preview June 2005, Swarovski... on TwitpicIt's a great coincidence that that first issue of Preview that I ever bought, June 2005 (featuring "Television's Brightest Young Stars' with Anne Curtis, Bea Alonzo, Iza Calzado back when they were starting out), would be the same as my first for the magazine!!! This time with the new batch of young stars and one of them is Anne's younger sister, Jasmine Curtis-Smith. To top it off they were wearing one of my favorite Louis Vuitton collections, flown in for the shoot. I was very emotional (I know, gross haha, but seriously I really was) when I found out I was doing this. I really couldn't believe it. To me, it's like coming full circle. Mayganon??

Showbiz' Next Stars: Julia Montes, Sam Pinto, Kathryn Bernardo, Kylie Padilla, Jasmine Curtis-Smitth, Danita Paner & Lauren Young!

The cover was NOT originally a double cover, it was supposed to be one continuous gatefold cover, but at the last minute, they had to shuffle the blocking cause there was a miscommunication with the Advertising Department (they thought it was a double cover so they sold two ads). In fact, the gatefold cover was already laid-out with cover blurbs and all, ready for printing, before they found out about the Advertising Department-miscommunication. I have a copy of the original one, and I would really really LOVE to post it, but I can't (yes, I tried asking permission for this blog), so we have to respect the corporate rules :)

Julia Montes

Danita Paner, Lauren Young

Sam Pinto

Kylie Padilla, Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Julia Montes

Greater Good x Jaime Zobel

Great to see this brand doing so well!




Where do I begin with this editorial? This one, we waited SO LONG to get published. Preview's editorial line-up was so full that we waited four long months (usually it takes 2, at most 3, months) for this to come out. Shot June 9, and it came out October. But I think the wait was worth it. This October issue is a very special one for me, you'll find out in tomorrow's post!

What I love most about this editorial is the casting. Stylist (THE ONE) Patrick Galang and I combined our favorite Filipina models: Ria Bolivar, Pauline Prieto, Marita Ganse, Manuela Basilio, and Krystal Espiritu. They are not what most Filipinos consider conventionally "pretty", most might even consider unusual-looking, but they are, as much as I hate the term, the fiercest of the current crop of Filipina models.

In terms of setting, it's actually one of the simplest editorials I've ever done, but the one which has received so much feedback. Rogue Magazine's Raymond Ang called it "the epic models editorial", which i think perfectly sums up each of these girls: Epic.

Oh, and this editorial also contains the first boob exposure in Preview in over a decade! Go Krystal!!!

Photography: BJ Pascual
Styling: Patrick Galang
Makeup: Lilian Yeung and
Owen Sarmiento of MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Jay Wee
Ria Bolivar, Marita Ganse, Pauline Prieto, Manuela Basilio and Krystal Espiritu


Shamcey Supusp, The New Queen (METRO November 2010 Cover, Editorial + BTS)

A very memorable shoot! The security was BANANAS, there were about 20 police officers in 5 police cars, and another vehicle with members of the SWAT Team (really!) all courtesy of Manila's Office of the Mayor! None of us (even the Metro team) expected that much security! We were outnumbered! Haha!

Michealle Torres, Metro's amazing EIC, had this idea that since our covergirl Shamcey is a licensed Architect (she topped the 2011 Board Exams!) she wanted her in front of Old Manila's grandest architecture. So we shot in three different locations (four supposedly, but we had problems with the Manila Cathedral permit), Fort Bonifacio in Intramuros, Department of Tourism building, and Casa Manila's courtyard! Two locations for a one-day shoot is already unusual for shoots here, but three seemed crazy! Talk about logistics! The sun was so intense, but Shamcey was a trooper! In the end, everything turned out great! I LOVE how everything turned out!

Behind the scenes photos by Magic Liwanag!

Shamcey braving the intense morning sun.

Lol @ my hair. I usually have it slicked back during shoots cause you know how wild my hair gets.

Crowd starts to gather. There so much more people across the street behind those cars, they were freaking out.

Department of Tourism Building. I have no idea whose idea it was to paint he building yellow. NOT GOOD.

Love this shot!

The umbrella was for me. Haha!


InCase x Status Magazine!

Status Magazine's October issue witth Justice on the cover. I was featured in an editorial for Incase, a "high-end Apple accessories brand" along with Javier Sarah Gaugler (artist), Brent Javier (boutique owner) and Camille Co (designer) as "influencers" from our own fields.

The Banana iPad case from the Andy Warhol collection. Photo by Sonny Thakur, he's good!

Debbie, Incase's Marketing wondergirl who also happens to be a former college classmate, made sure I got this cause she knew my college Thesis was about Andy Warhol! Thanks Debbie!

After the shoot, they sent me a goodie bag! Hello new laptop bag!

It's faux fur-lined (it really says "faux fur" in the tag lol)! 

The tiniest Andy Warhol USB Flash Drive

Andy Warhol mousepad (excuse my Alcatel phone)

Note from Debbie! So funny! Something like "your hands are prettier than mine!" (referring to this video supplement for the shoot, yes my hands are so gay)

My old bag

We've had great memories together, but it's time to move on. 

Goodbye old tattered bag. 

Special thanks to Dan Buenaventura of Status Magazine, Sonny Thakur, and  Debbie Lupango!

WADE (Shoes) Ad Campaign featuring Georgina Wilson

Art Direction and Styling: Vince Uy Makeup: Gela Laurel-Stehmeier Hair: Raymond Santiago for L'Oreal Professionnel