NOMAD: Ciege Cagalawan Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook + Video

Finally! After Eight months and Six days!(this was shot April 24, 2010!) The Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook AND Video of the now-New York-based designer Ciege Cagalawan's Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook and video! We shot this a few days before Ciege left for New York. Now he's an accessories designer for Shashi, a brand that's part of CFDA Fashion Incubator.

For this project we collaborated with very talented individuals: my good friend Mark Lim, who did the the video; and Edrick Bruel of TheHappyLab for the layout of the lookbook; and of course, Marita!

Enjoy! (Download links below)

Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Art Direction by: Edrick Bruel
Model: Marita Ganse
Video: Mark Lim (watch here)

Oh, Hair and all other things: Ziggy Savella


Feel free to repost :)



Leaving for Hong Kong with the family yet again...

Super early flight and I'm bored as fuck. Not in the mood to work from now and in the coming days! Haha! Plus I won't be sleeping, so I took these shots while packing

My little white box of accessories


jacket and shoes

Expect scheduled posts from me, and don't forget, we're releasing Nomad: Ciege Cagalawan Spring/Summer 2011 on December 31, 2010 7PM Manila time! I'll still be out of the country then, but the post will appear in this blog, and the blogs listed in the image below!

Happy Holidays!


NOMAD - Ciege Cagalawan SS2011 Teaser

Finally! After 8 full months (this was shot April 24, 2010!) we're about to release the now-New York-based designer Ciege Cagalawan's Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook and video! We shot this a few days before Ciege left for New York. Now he's an accessories designer for Shashi, a brand that's part of CFDA Fashion Incubator.

For this project we collaborated with two talented individuals: my good friend Mark Lim, who did the the actual video (I did the teaser lol); and Edrick Bruel of TheHappyLab for the layout of the lookbook!

NOMAD - Ciege Cagalawan S/S2011 Teaser from BJ Pascual on Vimeo.

Don't forget! December 31, 2010, 7PM!

Photographed by BJ Pascual
Art Direction (Lookbook) by Edrick Bruel
Video by Mark Lim
Model: Marita Ganse


Metro Society November 2010 ("Modern Muses" Cover + "The Big Chill" Fashion Editorial)

This was shot in Malaysia using Louis Vuitton's Fall 2010 collection. Glamorous? Not quite! The make-up artist (who also had to do the hair for this trip) used the thong found in the ice bucket of the hotel room to make the base of the ponytail stand up!

Definitely one of my favorites this year :)

The Big Chill
Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Rex Atienza
Make-up/Hair: Mickey See for Shu Uemura/Kiehl's Stylist Series
Model: Jasmine Maierhofer @ Mercator


I also did the cover for this issue, featuring "society" models Bea Soriano, Pauline Prieto, and Maggie Wilson. This is Pauline's first cover!

Metro Society Magazine November 2010
Bea Soriano, Pauline Prieto, Maggie Wilson
Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Rex Atienza
Make-up by:
Tracy Conlin for Lancome (Bea)
Claire Diokno for Shu Uemura (Pauline)
Grace Daeng for Shu Uemura (Maggie)
Hair by:
Ogie Rayel for Kiehl's Stylist Series (Bea)
Borge Aloba for L'Oreal Professionnel (Pauline)
Bea Misa for Kiehl's Stylist Series (Magie)

Coco Martin (Garage Magazine October/November 2010 Cover)

Backlog of updates, I don't even know where to begin! So I'll just post some favorites haha.

This is definitely one of my favorite covers, here's a version without the cover headlines, thanks, Rey!

Garage Magazine October/November 2010
Coco Martin
Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Rey Ilagan
Make-up by: Claire Diokno for Shu Uemura
Hair by: Ricky Diokno for Kiehl's Stylist Series

Trivia: This is also my second cover with actor Coco Martin as the subject. The first time we worked together being my first cover ever, which was just last April! Felt like ages already! This is also my friend Adrianne Concepcion's first cover story :)


VISIONS 2010 (Mela de Luna + Tim Yap)

As promised on the previous post (although super late), here's our contribution to the VISIONS 2010 Beauty and Style Exhibit featuring METRO Magazine's Fashion Editor Mela De Luna! This was the first time me and stylist Patrick Galang worked together. We, along with Jake Galvez (Make-up) and Buern Rodriguez (Hair)-- they were also the producers of the Exhibit-- transformed Mela into these two totally opposite looks.

Funny how we never did met for pre-prod before the shoot, but all had one vision in mind: we wanted Mela nude. So we played with that simple idea. And I absolutely LOVE how it came out! Also, our team won the 1st prize that night, yay! Thanks to all those who voted!

I also did a video portrait featuring the original multi-hyphenate Tim Yap in different looks styled by the amazing Rcxy Bautista, which was looped on a flatscreen during the exhibit. First time working with video, I rented a D90, then downloaded Adobe Premier after the shoot. I almost cried while editing this. It was that hard!!! Haha! 

Fun photos from the event, mixed with vintage Studio 54 photos (swak!) at Rcxy's blog. Photos of the other entries at Fabgelous.

Thanks to the producers of the exhibit, Jake, Buern, and Matt Gozun!


BJ Pascual x Patrick Galang Test #1: The Editorial

Oh wow I can't believe it's been exactly a month since we did the first streaming of Fashion Photography Live and the last time i blogged! Although the live stream was a hot mess (proof that I can't host at all, moreso control the stream at the same time), it was still a success in that so many people tuned in and participated! At least now we know how to do the next one! We had viewers all the way from Korea to Sweden! Special thanks to Charina De Villa for translating our Filipino conversations :)

Stylist Patrick Galang transformed Samantha from her usual long-haired-fresh-faced look to something right out of the Fifth Element. It's only my second time working with him (the first one was shooting Metro Fashion Editor Mela de Luna for the VISIONS Exhibit, will post that tomorrow!) and I can really say that he is one of the best new stylists around.

 So here it is, without further delay, Outer Limits:

Photographed by Bj Pascual
Styled by Patrick Galang
Make Up by Bobbie Millena
Hair by Mhokie Bautista
Model Samantha Lewis @ PMAP
Clothing Credits: Anthony Ramirez, Martin Bautista, Jerome Salaya Ang, Cosmopolitan Luxxe



FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY LIVE: BJ Pascual x Patrick Galang Test #1!


If stream below doesn't work, click here.


Fashion Photography Live Starts Tomorrow (or LATER lol)

Starts Later, 3:30 PM (GMT +8 Manila)

The stream will feature streaming live videos from some of my shoots. There will also be interviews with stylists, make-up artists, models, and other team members in between takes.

See you later! :)


High Roller (PREVIEW Magazine September 2010)

I was waiting for behind the scenes photos from my friend Judd (one of the production designers) but sadly he lost the files :(

Anyway, this editorial was very challenging. First, it's for Preview's September issue (pressure!) and, we wanted to do something of the same quality as our last editorial (Apocalypto); Second, it was the first time I was shooting for Preview without Creative Director/Genius Vince Uy's expert help on-set cause he was in London (believe me when I say that shoots are MUCH, MUCH easier with him); And lastly, we shot in the Resorts World Casino's Training Room and not the actual Casino. Meaning, we had a space that looked like every other boring office space you could think of. So I had to bring yards and yards of curtains from my studio (coincidentally I had brocade curtains so they're perfect for this Royalty-themed shoot, Thanks Cheska!) to conceal the office-y walls, and use my background stands to hold those curtains.

Thankfully it turned out nice and by the end of the day, we were really happy with it!!!

(For higher resolution images, check out my website at WWW.BJPASCUAL.COM)

Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Daryl Chang
Make-up by: Owen Sarmiento fo Mac Cosmetics
Hair by: Buern Rodriguez
Model: Jessica Yang of Mercator Model Management
Nails by: Florence Angeles of Nail Spa
Production Design by: Judd Figuerres & Samantha Lee
Shoot Assistants: Teresita Gabat, Carie Aguila, and Regisy Villarta


Enrico Carado PEFTA

My muse (according to this Supreme article lol) Pauline Prieto looking fantastic in Enrico Carado's fantastic creations.

Pauline is set to compete in the Elite Model Look competition in Shanghai next week :) Make us proud Paulini!

So much to blog! Been crazy busy! But i'm not complaining :) I'll be posting a lot in the coming days! more campaigns, my first billboad, new covers and editorials, etc!



Preview's Fashion Editor, Daryl Chang, goes blonde!!!



Fall Out Boy (GARAGE Magazine August/September 2010)

Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Rey Ilagan
Style Assistants: Adrianne Concepcion and Edlene Cabral
Grooming: Ruel Papa
Model: JC at Reco


Metro Celebrity Issue (GHEY EDITION)

A few days ago, Mike tagged me in this funny photo of his friends spoofing the August Cover of Metro:


Oh, and speaking of funny, this has got to be one of the best reaction videos I've ever seen! I'm sure you've seen it on facebook, youtube, or on TV! But I just thought I'd post it here for memory's sake!

I actually know the three gheys in front, Martin, Veejay, and Aleq! They're super funny in real life :) Thank you so much for making us happy amidst all the chaos that happened in the past few days!


MAD MEN (Metro Society August 2010)

Something a little bit different from what I usually do with the Metro Society Gang :)

Photographed by: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Rex Atienza
Grooming: Mickey See
Models: Ry Christopher and Peter Nordell


Ana Sideco TV!

Lookie! My friend Ana has an online show! She's so cute! Here's the first installment:

In the episode linked below, they play "google roulette" (lol) and she goes over her photos from this blog, including my shoes, haha!

Looking forward to more episodes! I miss you!


Garage Girl Fall/Winter 2010 (Cover and Editorial)

Finally got to work with super cute Catriona once again :) Always a pleasure working with the Garage team—Rey, Adrianne, and Eds!