Sorry took so long to post these! The past week has been crazy, and the coming week will be CRAZIER  for sure. I'll try to blog as often as I can :) Also, I SERIOUSLY HAFTO UPDATE MY SIDEBAR! LOL


Moussaka, ordered this so I can get free internet. I had to send about a hundred gigs of photos to clients and such! LOL

Wanted those red slippers but the sizes were too small :(

Kind of like Intramuros in Manila


Crazy guy sellling "Mandalas" (deserves it's own blog post!) probably the coolest thing my sister and I got from the whole trip! 

My sister's new satchel! I have one, too. Cute! But it was only later that we realized they smell like fish! EEK!


This is about half of our family

Next, Israel! :)