ZIGGY SAVELLA Holiday 2010 Invites!

Hi All! Sorry for the lack of updates, been extremely busy with work! Anyway, I'm inviting you all to watch Ziggy Savella's Holiday 2010 Show! Fill up the form below to recieve invites to the show on May 27th! See you there! More photos on the way! We just shot this yesterday. Haha!



Billie Jean (PREVIEW Magazine April 2010)

My first ever fashion editorial for one of my favorite fashion magazines, Preview! I still remember how excited I was when they asked me to do an editorial for them, and how the night before the shoot I couldn't sleep cause I was so excited, and how despite the long day I was still all smiles throughout.

These are a bit low res cos I just scanned them but anyway, here they are: A little bit of Amy, a little bit hillbilly, and a whole lot of denim...

I was at the Preview office last week cause of a shoot, and Vince showed me the proofs of our next editorial, which is coming out next month as part of their Anniversary issue! I want to show you guys but sadly I can't just yet. I can't wait till June!


Cruise Control (Metro Society April 2010)

Here's one of the four editorials I did in Ilocos with Louis Vuitton's Resort 2010 collection

It was extremely hot and windy, three hours of shooting felt like eight! It was so windy during the first few layouts that the models couldn't even stand for more than a few seconds without falling.

Nevertheless, I was really happy with the results :) I hafto say, dirtying up designer goods was priceless!