Earlier today I was making a pdf version of my portfolio when I found these photos of Divina from a few months ago in New York. I've never gotten around to posting these on my website, so here they are now :)

(Blazer by Ciege Cagalawan)

This shoot was not planned at all. My friend Ana (Sideco, a filipina model who was on vacation in NYC) called me up on a lazy Tuesday afternoon, a day before agency open calls in the city. She told me her cousin, Divina, needed some photos to present to agencies the next day.

Literally a few minutes later they were in my room. Divina hadn't brought anything with her, no make-up, no clothes. I dressed her up in clothes I had bought as presents for friends when I go back to Manila, and some clothes friends of mine had sent in for some editorials I was shooting for magazines.

I shot, laid out the "card", and printed her photos (in school, thank god for free printing at Parsons!) in less than 5 hours. It was fun.

This was her very first shoot. No make-up, just eyeliner and lipgloss. She's great. A natural in front of the camera. The next day she, along with Ana, were signed by Major Model Management :)

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the magic touch of bj pascual ;-)