Cutting up JUNE [2010 Issues]

June 2010 was such a good month for me. It was the first time I had 9 fashion editorials published, all at the same time, and I'm super super thankful to everyone who made it happen! I promise to upload these editorials in the following weeks. I really need to get a good scanner.

Anyway, these photos were taken last June (whoa, it's been 2 months! super late post! haha!), when I was cutting up the pages for my book.

Materials: Ruler, Cutter, Chopping board (in this case, Metro), and steady hands :)

Anne Curtis, I'm so sorry I had to use your face as a cutting board.

I hafto say, dismembering Preview's GLORIOUS June [15th Anniversary] issue was pretty hard, even though I know I have 7 other copies of it. Haha!

That's all :) Make sure to check back in the coming days, there will be more updates!


StateofJoe said...

*palakpakan* Love it, Beej. Woo!

Edrick said...

omg torture! haha but you have extra copies naman pala so keri lang!! and grabe box office hit! pa autograph ng copy ko ha ☺ hahaha