Hello 2011!

WOW, 2010 flew by so quickly! I can't believe this blog is a year old already! My first blog post included this photo of bones, back when he was soooo tiny:

He was a month old!

Only a year (he's one year, and a month old now!) and he's gotten sooo big!

Ok, he hates the hat! This is the only photo with the hat on, and it was so hard to put it on his head!

So we tied it to his collar, didn't look right.

He wanted to eat it. (He actually almost did before we even started, that's why it's crumpled)


Bones wishes you a happy 2011!


toxic disco boy said...

happy new year teh. ^^

Patty Mendoza said...

what a gorgeous dog! happy new year BJ!

Eizel Nocon said...

Dapat meron tayo dogs day out. Oh wait, Bones doesn't like me. But he might like Kiwi :)

Happy New Year!

Edrick said...

oh zo kyooooot

Thea said...

My heart melted! <3