Ok, so my 3-week vacation is OVER! Boo! It was tiring, but fun! The WHOLE family came. All 25 of us. Yes, TWENTY FIVE! LOL. We stayed in Rome for a few days, before heading out to a cruise which went to Naples, Athens (Greece), Jerusalem, Bethlehem (Israel), Rhodes (Greece), Turkey, Crete (Grece) and ended back in Rome. After that we went to Venice, a failed daytrip to Milan, and then Berlin. Whewww!

Below are random photoss that I like: of useless things, textures, lines, and sometimes me and some of my relatives (I don't think they'd be too happy being in this blog lol). I'll save all the tourista photos for my relatives on facbeook ;p

This is actually a Mall.


I love how this part of the museum looks so modern, and the rest retained the old structure.
My sister
My turn

Uhhh... Garden

Trying to make my sister pose
Roman CastaƱas!
Empty building

Macciato al fresco (The pizza came in after this shot)
Goodbye Rome!

OH, special thanks to my sister for always taking photos of me cause she knows I won't have any photos otherwise! LOL 
First photo in Rome, My sister


Gerard said...

WOW....So beautiful....

Style Anywhere said...

pangstreet style website ung last photo! ganda ng location! :)

JeffZ said...

if ur with no one in your trip, u won't have any photos of you, unless u have a remote and a tripod...

but wth, cam whoring is one of the best things to do on a vacation.. :)