Creative IT List 2011

I was so sad when I found out that there wasn't going to be a Creative IT List last year. It has always been a dream of mine and I thought that dream would never come true, so I was so glad when I found out I was going to be on the list, and of course glad that the list is back!!!! So honored to be included in the same list with some amazing people (Olivia D'Aboville, Tammy David, Dan Matutina, Sam Kiyoumarsi, etc)

Huge thanks to Kissa Castaneda, Erwin Romulo, and of course Anna Canlas for the write-up! You  know me too well. Haha. 

When you're trying to book BJ Pascual for a shoot, you might want to make some allowances for the time difference. If he's not in Manila, he's in New York (guerilla site for BJ's pioneering "playttime" shoots with model pal Ana Sicdeco, see also: training ground, hoe to Parsons, F.I.T., and the International Center for Photography--all institutions of the fashion photographer's expert instruction). If he's not in New York, he's in Hong Kong... his cosmic home, Korea... and any one of several regional locatitons. Or, lying face-down, in his regulation T by A.Wang wifebeaters, in what might just be one of the most fully booked calendars of editorial shoots around the conutry. Look at a photo with quiet intensity--with studied yet at-once organic lighting--and instantly, you're moved to ID it as a BJ Pascual photo. Prograssive and fashion-crazy, BJ's got his own ideas about local fashion photography. Which is why we hae him on speed dia, if only he could pick up faster...
--Anna Canlas
Thanks again, Preview!  This wraps up the many reasons why their October issue is super special to me  :)


Unknown said...

cute photo. who took it?

BJ Pascual said...

OK BA? Hahahha!!!