Memoirs of a Geisha (Velvet Tribute to the Oscars Photo Exhibit 2010)

This was our entry for the Velvet Tribute to the Oscars Photo Exhibit, which is now on it's 2nd year. I was surprised when they asked me to join this year, thanks Velvet!

Memoirs of a Geisha
Photography: BJ Pascual
Styling: Eldzs Mejia (Assisted by Kiyoshi Makita)
Make-up: Mickey See (Shu Uemura)
Hair: John Valle
Kim Chiu as Sayuri and Marc Nelson as The Chairman

The inspiration is a simple, classic portrait that would showcase the characters and their emotions. Even with the post I only used techniques that could be done back in the day, such as brightness/contrast, dodge and burn, except for airbrushing lol. I didn't even touch Kim's face. She's just naturally beautiful!

However, I think people at Velvet were not pleased with the outcome as they were expecting something more extravagant. A few days after I submitted the photos, they told me that if I wanted to add something more to the photo, I can still do and submit a photo of with the changes. Of course, I said "No, that's the final photo :)" I completely understand where they're coming from, though.

As expected we didn't win any awards during the launch party at Ayala Museum. But the best part of the night happened just as I was about to leave. Bianca (she styled the Phantom of the Opera entry) told me that Mark Nicdao told her that Memoirs was his favorite entry. I was like, NO WAY! She was like, YES WAY! And then she introduced me to Mark. I couldn't believe it. Mark Nicdao! He's one of my idols! With that, I went home feeling like I won something :)

All the entries are available for the viewing public from March 5 to 12 at Greenbelt 3 and from March 13 to 20 at Eastwood Mall.

The other entries can be viewed online here.


Check us out at 1:17!


daphne said...

BJ! i love! the expression on kim's face, her kimono, beautiful! great job great job! without bias, it's one of my fave photos in the whole batch!

BJ Pascual said...

Thanks daphne! I miss you so much!!!