I needed some new photos of myself for the Contributors pages of some magazines cause all my photos are old. LOL


OT: It's been a while! So many photos I hafto post here! I can't believe I've been getting so much work lately! It's almost hard to finish setting-up the studio with all the shoots, but I LOVE EVERY MINTUE OF IT. I'm so thankful for everything!

Expect me to post a shitload of photos in the coming days!


Ivy Kirzhner said...

Ooooh I see you got a new toy, baby bro!

Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

CUTE PHOTOS. Tres magnifique. - Eena

Anonymous said...

Hi! What camera is that?

tin said...

Your lubitel is hot but you're HOTTER!=D miss you!

BJ Pascual said...

Ivy: I've had that camera it for years now, it still works! :) I miss you too Ivy!!!

Jimeatworld: It's a Lubitel

Tin: LOL I miss you!!!!

inkarlcerating said...

BJ!! i love yer hair.. panu i diy yan hehe
nice photos!
totally ff. yer blog

prettyinpunk said...

Super nice pics, plus green with envy with the cam :)