Sorry took so long to post these! The past week has been crazy, and the coming week will be CRAZIER  for sure. I'll try to blog as often as I can :) Also, I SERIOUSLY HAFTO UPDATE MY SIDEBAR! LOL


Moussaka, ordered this so I can get free internet. I had to send about a hundred gigs of photos to clients and such! LOL

Wanted those red slippers but the sizes were too small :(

Kind of like Intramuros in Manila


Crazy guy sellling "Mandalas" (deserves it's own blog post!) probably the coolest thing my sister and I got from the whole trip! 

My sister's new satchel! I have one, too. Cute! But it was only later that we realized they smell like fish! EEK!


This is about half of our family

Next, Israel! :)


Carina said...

Gorgeous photos. I've always wanted to go to Greece!

Federico Panarello said...

adorable immages...cute!!!

Sophie said...

I didn't go anywhere hot on holiday this year, you're making me jealous!


manhattan pressurized walls said...

great photos .. like the place ..

Fickle Cattle said...

Beautiful. Greece looks so photogenic.

Fickle Cattle

Mar said...

I am so into your photos! and I'm looking forward to your Israel shots!

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