I'm back! Official statement after the Venice post :)

I didn't get to take many photos in Istanbul, we had such a short amount of time (a few hours) to explore and our "tour guide" only took us to the supposed place where the Virgin Mary was born, and then took us to these creepy leather factories where they had a room with a runway where they do their "fashion shows". I swear I thought we were going to be abducted. Although I did get to buy a lot of stuff around the market near the port! Lots of great finds!

Candles rightt by the Virgin Mary's supposed house.

I forgot what these are made of but they're prayers.

A Japanese cameraman with his 3D Camera, and his tripod. lol

 Guards playing around with my cousin, JB

Bettina and I with the guards

My grandmother and her red umbrella

I forgot what this is but the next thing I knew, we were in the above mentioned creepy leather factory.

And then back to the port Area. Was too busy shopping to take photos.

My dad had his shoe repaired by this fella right by the entrance of the port 

Random store. I wonder if Jane Aldridge knows about this. Haha!