Leaving for Hong Kong with the family yet again...

Super early flight and I'm bored as fuck. Not in the mood to work from now and in the coming days! Haha! Plus I won't be sleeping, so I took these shots while packing

My little white box of accessories


jacket and shoes

Expect scheduled posts from me, and don't forget, we're releasing Nomad: Ciege Cagalawan Spring/Summer 2011 on December 31, 2010 7PM Manila time! I'll still be out of the country then, but the post will appear in this blog, and the blogs listed in the image below!

Happy Holidays!


Izzy said...

brown kung brown. I love the Margiela watch bracelet bracelet, but I'm always wearing a metal watch, so I'm afraid it might look redundant. And great choice on the Giles and Brother railroad spike hahaha

Juddy F. said...

Those boots! Winner talaga!

Anonymous said...

hi! what cameras do you have and what do you usually use for photoshoots? :)