VISIONS 2010 (Mela de Luna + Tim Yap)

As promised on the previous post (although super late), here's our contribution to the VISIONS 2010 Beauty and Style Exhibit featuring METRO Magazine's Fashion Editor Mela De Luna! This was the first time me and stylist Patrick Galang worked together. We, along with Jake Galvez (Make-up) and Buern Rodriguez (Hair)-- they were also the producers of the Exhibit-- transformed Mela into these two totally opposite looks.

Funny how we never did met for pre-prod before the shoot, but all had one vision in mind: we wanted Mela nude. So we played with that simple idea. And I absolutely LOVE how it came out! Also, our team won the 1st prize that night, yay! Thanks to all those who voted!

I also did a video portrait featuring the original multi-hyphenate Tim Yap in different looks styled by the amazing Rcxy Bautista, which was looped on a flatscreen during the exhibit. First time working with video, I rented a D90, then downloaded Adobe Premier after the shoot. I almost cried while editing this. It was that hard!!! Haha! 

Fun photos from the event, mixed with vintage Studio 54 photos (swak!) at Rcxy's blog. Photos of the other entries at Fabgelous.

Thanks to the producers of the exhibit, Jake, Buern, and Matt Gozun!

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Edrick said...

omg ong gondo gondooooo!! the black faced mela looks kkinda anja rubik-ey haha love it!!