Atom Araullo (ROGUE Magazine June 2010)

The moment I found out I was going to shoot for Rogue, I went nuts! I've been big fan of Rogue since the time I got my first issue, which was the Jasmine Maierhofer cover (December 2006/January 2007). Basta, I was suuuper excited!

Without further ado, here's the first assignment I shot for them, featuring journalist Atom Araullo. It's part feature, part fashion editorial. It's the first of that sort that I've done!

TRIVIA: (1) the instamatic Minolta camera (left) is mine, I got it from the Anonas ukay ukay, a about 3 years ago. (2) the vintage bicycle (right) is owned by fashion designer Ziggy Savella! It's the same one used in Garage Magazine's June/July 2010 Cover :)

Photographs by BJ Pascual
Styling by LA Consing Lopez
Art Direction by Miguel Lugtu
Grooming by Regie Escolin Soriano


Eizel Nocon said...

I love the photos! Super bagay kay Atom, I don't know why pero bagay lang. Hahaha! Shiyet, I know that camera and you still have it omg.

StateofJoe said...

WOW. The styling just blew me away. And where was this shot? It looks amazing :D Good job!

Unknown said...

Di ako artist or anything close to being one pero ang ganda nito. Laid bakc pero umaapaw sa optimism at GV. <3

John Eric "icko" Silla said...

nice photo and concept, bravo!

Anonymous said...

nakakbakla si atom! haha

Anonymous said...

OMG! It's not normal... But I'm ilove with you ATOM ARAULLO... If I could only be given a chance to meet you... I super duper love you!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! good job atom! :)