Shamcey Supusp, The New Queen (METRO November 2010 Cover, Editorial + BTS)

A very memorable shoot! The security was BANANAS, there were about 20 police officers in 5 police cars, and another vehicle with members of the SWAT Team (really!) all courtesy of Manila's Office of the Mayor! None of us (even the Metro team) expected that much security! We were outnumbered! Haha!

Michealle Torres, Metro's amazing EIC, had this idea that since our covergirl Shamcey is a licensed Architect (she topped the 2011 Board Exams!) she wanted her in front of Old Manila's grandest architecture. So we shot in three different locations (four supposedly, but we had problems with the Manila Cathedral permit), Fort Bonifacio in Intramuros, Department of Tourism building, and Casa Manila's courtyard! Two locations for a one-day shoot is already unusual for shoots here, but three seemed crazy! Talk about logistics! The sun was so intense, but Shamcey was a trooper! In the end, everything turned out great! I LOVE how everything turned out!

Behind the scenes photos by Magic Liwanag!

Shamcey braving the intense morning sun.

Lol @ my hair. I usually have it slicked back during shoots cause you know how wild my hair gets.

Crowd starts to gather. There so much more people across the street behind those cars, they were freaking out.

Department of Tourism Building. I have no idea whose idea it was to paint he building yellow. NOT GOOD.

Love this shot!

The umbrella was for me. Haha!


Nadine Diamante said...

The cover photo doesn't have as much impact as the ones that were not chosen. She looked more goddess-like in that long gown. The third picture would have been perfect for the cover. But oh well maybe it's just me. :)

BJ Pascual said...

It's not just you! Haha. My cover choices are the 2nd and 3rd photo, but being very unlucky with covers, the one I didn't choose became the cover :) although I kind of had a feeling they were going to choose that one cause it looks very "metro"

I should do a post on cover options! I have lots of cover choices that didn't make it! Haha!