Where do I begin with this editorial? This one, we waited SO LONG to get published. Preview's editorial line-up was so full that we waited four long months (usually it takes 2, at most 3, months) for this to come out. Shot June 9, and it came out October. But I think the wait was worth it. This October issue is a very special one for me, you'll find out in tomorrow's post!

What I love most about this editorial is the casting. Stylist (THE ONE) Patrick Galang and I combined our favorite Filipina models: Ria Bolivar, Pauline Prieto, Marita Ganse, Manuela Basilio, and Krystal Espiritu. They are not what most Filipinos consider conventionally "pretty", most might even consider unusual-looking, but they are, as much as I hate the term, the fiercest of the current crop of Filipina models.

In terms of setting, it's actually one of the simplest editorials I've ever done, but the one which has received so much feedback. Rogue Magazine's Raymond Ang called it "the epic models editorial", which i think perfectly sums up each of these girls: Epic.

Oh, and this editorial also contains the first boob exposure in Preview in over a decade! Go Krystal!!!

Photography: BJ Pascual
Styling: Patrick Galang
Makeup: Lilian Yeung and
Owen Sarmiento of MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Jay Wee
Ria Bolivar, Marita Ganse, Pauline Prieto, Manuela Basilio and Krystal Espiritu

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