InCase x Status Magazine!

Status Magazine's October issue witth Justice on the cover. I was featured in an editorial for Incase, a "high-end Apple accessories brand" along with Javier Sarah Gaugler (artist), Brent Javier (boutique owner) and Camille Co (designer) as "influencers" from our own fields.

The Banana iPad case from the Andy Warhol collection. Photo by Sonny Thakur, he's good!

Debbie, Incase's Marketing wondergirl who also happens to be a former college classmate, made sure I got this cause she knew my college Thesis was about Andy Warhol! Thanks Debbie!

After the shoot, they sent me a goodie bag! Hello new laptop bag!

It's faux fur-lined (it really says "faux fur" in the tag lol)! 

The tiniest Andy Warhol USB Flash Drive

Andy Warhol mousepad (excuse my Alcatel phone)

Note from Debbie! So funny! Something like "your hands are prettier than mine!" (referring to this video supplement for the shoot, yes my hands are so gay)

My old bag

We've had great memories together, but it's time to move on. 

Goodbye old tattered bag. 

Special thanks to Dan Buenaventura of Status Magazine, Sonny Thakur, and  Debbie Lupango!

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