I love the mix of old and new in Berlin, I think they did a great job of preserving the past and incorporating the present in various places around the city. Although I only spent two nights in Berlin, with only one full day to explore, I fell in love. I will be back!

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Underneath this, there is a Museum holding the names of all known holocaust victims.

 Same feelings of sadness as when I visited the Vad Yashem, in Israel, more than 10 years ago

Forgot where this is, but this is a very cute train station

Cute yellow train!

I really love the upholstery and the Brandenburg Gate monogram on the mirror. So fresh!

Check out my grandma in the background, sleeping! So cute.

Checkpoint Charlie

There was a guy right by Checkpoint Charlie who can do a vintage ink stamp on your passport, for a price. None of us had our passports with us, but he was nice enough to stamp my hand

I hate that variation of the Berlin logo, but I like this photo!

Berlin Wall Museum, love what they did with this outdoor part

Indoor part of the Museum, so nice.

And very informative/high-tech! 

Swear the clouds are real!

Our apartment was a couple of blocks away from the Brandenburg Gate, yet I don't have a decent daytime shot of it

Ok this was when me and my cousins bought all the kinds of beer we could find

And drank all of them out in the freezing cold

Fucking posers lol

And if that wasnt touristy enough, we rode this rotating bike thing, complete with bottle holders haha

More beer back in the apartment -_-

Random, i love her hair.

Marlene Dietrich-themed bar.

That wraps up my Europe posts! I hope you all enjoyed the photos :) Till next year!

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