Venice is just so beautiful. No other word to describe it.

I love the colors

I love how there's so many cute little stores selling things ranging from vintage to strange.

I love the beautiful boats.

I love how couples just seem so much sweeter in Venice

We wandered around and found a church having a flea market thing, and apparently they have a mission in the Philippines!

So may things, too bad they were already closing when we got there.

Still, one of my cousins got a beautiful vintage brown suitcase, another got a couple of vintage frames, and another got a box of pokemon cards. LOL

And the sun has set.

Too bad we only had a day and a quarter to explore. I will be back for sure.

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Eizel Nocon said...

That old rusty boat reminded me of one of the editorials you did for Metro Society, the one (of the many) with Ry Farinas in it. Hahaha!